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our history

Nuovi Viaggi was founded in 1975 in Naples  and has operated for over 30 years in both the incoming and outgoing business in the Italian market.

Christian Fiorentino (, has worked several years in the family business, with a deep knowledge of Italian and foreign tourist market. From 2009 onwards he has worked in an international tourist operator as purchasing and operation manager. Since 2019 he has decided to re-found  Nuovi Viaggi in Rome, with Carlo.

Carlo Barrella ( , is a manager with a significant past experience in business management and process efficiency, in different companies  (Progecta, Alitalia, ATAC). His skills are now available for Nuovi Viaggi together with  his passions for travel  sharing with Christian the vision for the future.

Nuovi Viaggi, re-born from the mix of skills of the two partners, has several business areas: From leisure to business travel as well as incoming tourism to Italy.

Fast product realization, continous search for new itineraries and innovative experiences, and above all a great customer care  are the keys to success and Nuovi Viaggi’s  distinctive factors. 

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